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Planting Baskets

Planting Baskets

Intelligent and ecological: BRISTA Planting Baskets

A smart and affordable alternative to concrete are our planting baskets. They are made of galvanized expanded metal and impress with their ecological and economic character. A different kind of slope stabilization offers some additional benefits:

  • no foundations or drainage required
  • light weight
  • easy handling when filling and while irrigating and draining
  • good cohesion of the individual elements, through e.g. cable ties
  • easy planting
  • no overheating of the root system in bright sunlight
  • ecological root corset for slopes, embankments and hillsides

If requested we deliver our planting baskets sendzimir galvanized and powder coated in RAL color 6005 (moss green).

Example Planting Baskets
Part#DescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Surface
001126 planting basket "ÖKO-WALL" 380 300 sendzimir galvanized
004094 planting basket "ÖKO-WALL" 380 300 sendzimir galvanized and powder coated RAL 6005

Exclusive for Manufactum:

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Product Data Sheet
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BRISTA Öko-Wall – the smart alternative to conventional slope stabilization

BRISTA's slope stabilization works without the use of concrete. The elements used in galvanized expanded metal easily adapt to natural landforms. With the help of cable ties, they can be arbitrarily attached to each other and thus adapted to the terrain of slopes, embankments and hillsides.



Öko Wall


Previous constructions, such as foundations or drainages are hereby unnecessary. It allows the vegetation to spread itself unhindered and even the root system does not overheat in strong sunlight. Another advantage is the low weight of the elements made of galvanized expanded metal which allows for an easy handling.

Exclusive retail through Manufactum:


Öko Wall

PDF Download Öko Wall
Product Data Sheet
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