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Brista ArtPunch Motorbike

BRISTA Art Punch – decorative and unique

BRISTA ArtPunch - embossed art that adapts to your interior thanks to individual design options. These unique artwork is also suitable as a great gift idea.

Brista ArtPunch Marilyn Monroe

Your template

Please send us your pictures and files by mail or e-mail. To get an absolutely sharp and contrasty picture we will edit your templates if necessary.


Separation into individual pixels and press cuts in the metal sheet
After the potential editing the photos are separated into their individual pixels with the help of a special software. Afterwards each pixel is assigned to a punching stroke with the matching tool. Then we forward the created program to a revolver punching machine, which now performs the individual punchings in the sheet metal. Possible materials are steel, copper, brass or aluminum.

All images are punched into a metal sheet of 1mm thickness with up to eight round dies. The smallest punch has a diameter of 1.0 mm, the biggest is 3.1 mm. The steps inbetween the punches are 0.3 mm to the next larger punch. Depending on the template the images can be produced in the desired size.


High contrast background provides desired effects

To achieve the desired effect of the picture, we recommend to combine it with a high-contrasty background.

We can either offer you coatings in different colors for your image or the classic version with clear coating only.

We are happy to explain further possibilities (e.g. framing, plexiglas cover, etc.) to you on request.

VW Beetle

The price for art

...for BRISTA ArtPunch is not unaffordable. Yet it is depending on different factors, e.g. the punching strokes as well as the running time of the machine and the correspondingly selected additional options (framing, etc.) But in the end, you are able to decorate your home with unique artwork.


Please find examples and further information as follows:

DescriptionSize width x height (mm)Price ca. € (stamped metal plate)
Marilyn Monroe 400 x 600 90,00 € *
VW Beetle 900 x 480 240,00 € *
Motorbike 750 x 500 120,00 € *

* Net prices excl.. VAT. Plus shipping.


Of course we would like to advise you personally in all matters regarding this extraordinary art.

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