Powder Coating

BRISTA relies on pure corrosion protection - powder coating of the highest quality!

January 2007

BRISTA expanded its spectrum in Höingen in the field of surface finishing and offers with a 2,500 square meters large hall and a powerful facility for powder coating of steel, galvanized steel and aluminum superb corrosion protection as a duplex system (hot-dip galvanizing and coating) - for a very long persistence , extreme resilience and excellent decorative quality of the surfaces.

Parts up to a length of 7,600 mm, 2,500 mm height, 600 mm width, weighing up to 1,000 kg can be coated in the new facility. Through the connection of the existing galvanizing, necessary  finishing processes  can be more easily mapped. Often times products must first be galvanized, then powder coated afterwards, here is where BRISTA customers benefit of significant time savings and a reduction in transport costs. In addition, the also new 5,500-square-foot off site warehouse provides the opportunity to all BRISTA customers to temporarily store larger quantities of goods.


Competency enhancement through modern anticorrosion

The high level of competence in the field of hot-dip galvanizing is complemented and extended by the powder coating. BRISTA customers are given optimized corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal of their products through only one source. When selecting the necessary and most appropriate surface treatment, the customers benefit from the high technical know-how and the flexibility, with which BRISTA responds to individual customer requirements - thanks to fast color change with a fully automatic cabin and an additional 2-man manual cabin.


Quality begins with pre-treatment of the material: preparation and coating

And this starts with the transportation of goods for powder coating on traverses, a Power & Free conveyor system. A residue-free, absolutely clean and evenly surface is the most important prerequisite for optimum coating. BRISTA offers its customers two options.

On the one hand the so-called "sweeping", an alternative to chemical pre-treatment. This method is specifically used in hot-dip galvanized parts, to roughen the surface and to ensure better adhesion of the powder coating.

On the other hand BRISTA offers the chemical four-chamber pretreatment plant with final chrome-free passivation, an efficient way to increase the corrosion resistance of the surface and to increase the adhesion of the coating. Of course both variants can be combined for an optimum result.

After pretreatment all products go through a drying process, because only an absolutely dry material surface ensures a flawless coating. In addition, this heat treatment allows for galvanized products, the so-called "outgassing" of the fresh zinc.

The actual coating takes place in the fully automatic - or manual, if necessary - powder coating booth. In electrostatic powder coating, the material to be coated is positively charged. An electric field is built up and the negatively charged powder particles are attracted to the positive field of the material surface, where they are evenly deposited. The powder coating booth is equipped with a cyclone and an absolute filter. This aspiration is adjusted so that no powder particles can get into the hall.

After the coating process, the goods are transported through a furnace where the powder particles melt at about 180 ° C to form a lacquer coating.

Environmentally friendly production
All powder coatings used in the production are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful substances. All production processes are eco-friendly and without harming the staff. Problems arising from the chemical pre-treatment wastewater is generated internally through an evaporator and recycled in circulation in new baths - because for us at BRISTA an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production is always in the foreground!

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