Minister of the Environment

Minister of the Environment Uhlenberg visits BRISTA

January 2008 — Extract from the "Soester Anzeiger"

Latest technology in action

Environment Minister Uhlenberg visited BRISTA‘s main plant in Höingen.

"The high degree of automation, intelligent control techniques and the use of robots is very impressive," says Minister of Environment Eckhard Uhlenberg during his visit at the main plant of the company BRISTA in Ense-Höingen.

The local representative came to Ense, accompanied by the local party chairman Ulrich Häken, to continue his series of visits of companies in the local region.

Uhlenberg and Häken pointed out that it was necessary to improve the cooperation between state and economy. "For me, as environmental and consumer protection minister, it is the belief that sustainable economic growth, innovation and the protection of natural resources can be more easily achieved by  cooperating as a partnership than through state regulation", said Uhlenberg.

Accordingly, both politicians were even more delighted as head of the company Dieter Brinkmann and CTO Robbert spoke of the good relations with the environmental authorities as far as the construction of new plants is concerned.

In addition to the existing hot-dip galvanizing plant, a highly advanced powder coating plant was put into operation only a few weeks ago.

Measurements in the company are constantly made to prevent possible emissions. Here the company achieves values that again are far below the tolerance limits. An indication that the latest state of the art has arrived at BRISTA.

Environmental protection is not just empty words for BRISTA, which shows on the company‘s roof: the, in 2006 built, solar roof was the largest at that time in NRW. Another example is highly topical: The final work to an alternative heat supply is made at the moment, the close by biogas plant makes it possible.

„Dialogue Economy and Environment“
In a final meeting, the group discussed both, local as well as provincial and federal political issues. For the local Christian Democrats a sign that the by Minister Uhlenberg launched "dialogue economy and the environment" a year ago is a model of success, in which politics and business exchange, and develop joint strategies for cooperation between economy and environment.

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