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Screen for Wheelbarrow/Sifter

Screen for wheelbarrow

BRISTA Screen for wheelbarrow — Simply attach and carelessly sift

Not only is our screen for wheelbarrows easily attached, but also detached from the wheelbarrow. It consists of a hot-dip galvanized expanded metal wire mesh with a stable angular frame. The inclination of the diamonds offers excellent screening features, allowing you to apply your sieved compost easily to the designated spot.


Part #DescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Surface
001117 Screen for wheelbarrow 1000 600 hot-dip galvanized


PDF Download Screen for wheelbarrow
Product Data Sheet
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BRISTA Sifter: Sift first, push after

If you prefer to sift first and push after, the sifter will be an excellent tool when composting. This model also demonstrates excellent sifting properties through highest stability, thanks to hot-dip galvanized expanded metal wire mesh, angular frame and inclined diamond.


Part #DescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Surface
001121 Screen 1000 600 hot-dip galvanized
001122 Screen 1200 800 hot-dip galvanized

PDF Download Sifter
Product Data Sheet
1 Page | 415 KB

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