Brista ArtPunch

BRISTA Art Punch — unique ART made individually

May 2001

So it is a good thing, that there are so many ways to express your own art. Thus, each of us finds his individual way. We at BRISTA add our way to make ART - with our BRISTA ArtPunch, your photos or digital image files. Please send us your pictures and files by mail or email. Your pictures and files then serve as a template that we edit if necessary, to get an absolutely sharp and contrast rich picture.

The next step is to seperate the photos‘ individual pixels with the help of a special program. Each pixel then is assigned to a punching stroke with the matching tool.

Then we forward the created program to a revolver punching machine, which now performs the individual punchings in the sheet metal (steel, copper, brass or aluminum).

All images are punched in a sheet metal of 1mm thickness with up to 8 round dies. The smallest punch has a diameter of 1.0 mm, the biggest is 3.1 mm. The steps inbetween the punches are 0.3 mm to the next larger punch.

Brista ArtPunch Marilyn Monroe

You decide - we punch and frame
Which template you would like to choose and what size; whether we should coat the material with clear lacquer or other colors, is left up to your decison. And also when it comes to framing, don’t panic. You can choose which color(s) should frame your picture. In the end - that we guarantee - your BRISTA ArtPunch will fully inspire you.

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